WFA-webinar: Better sponsorship outcomes through better category management
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2020/04/16 10:00-11:00
WFA webinar, Bryssel

WFA Webinar: Better sponsorship outcomes through better category management

Som medlem i Sveriges Annonsörer bjuds du in att ta del av webinars från vår moderorgansation WFA (World Federation of Advertisers).
Obs! Webinars från WFA är alltid på engelska.


Sponsorship delivers a powerful way for brands to connect with consumers through passion points (arts, sports, culture, cause, music) in ways that create emotional resonance and imagery transfer.

For most brands, sponsorship represents the second largest marcom investment by spend (media being first). Sponsorship often accounts for between 10% and as much as 30% of the total marcom budget. In many organizations, the sponsorship spend is largely uncontrolled and lacks process.

Led by Ian Malcolm, President and CEO at Lumency, this webinar will focus on process and tools for better sponsorship investment management, highlighting governance, evaluation and measurement. The approach enables Procurement, Marketers and stakeholders across the organization to work together to build value, optimize investments and deliver better return on investment.

Content will include:
• How to manage a dynamic sponsorship portfolio consistently and how to ensure each asset (sponsored property) is effectively evaluated when renewing or acquiring
• Measure the impact of sponsorship on measurable brand and commercial objectives effectively and efficiently
• Illustrative case studies that show the approach in action


10am CET, April 16

Please note: No recording or slides of this webinar will be shared.


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