WFA-webinar: Brand building in uncertain times
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2021/02/24 09:00-10:00
WFA webinar/event, Bryssel

WFA Webinar: Brand building in uncertain times

Som medlem bjuds du in att ta del av webinars från vår moderorgansation WFA (World Federation of Advertisers).
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The world as we know it has changed… What impact has this had on how brands are built today and what will this mean as we look ahead in 2021?

In this first of a two-part series on Brand Building, Pablo Gomez, Chief Digital Officer and Media Lead – Insights Division at Kantar NASEAP, will:

– share learnings from some of the best brand studies from 2020;
– address the brand metrics that matter;
– talk to how marketers can achieve maximum impact when it comes to brand building in uncertain times.

This webinar will last 60 minutes including Q&A.


9am CET, February 24

Please note: No recording or slides of this webinar will be shared.


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