WFA-webinar: Building your brand in an eCommerce environment
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2021/04/01 09:00-10:00
WFA webinar/event, Bryssel

WFA Webinar: Building your brand in an eCommerce environment

Som medlem bjuds du in att ta del av webinars från vår moderorgansation WFA (World Federation of Advertisers).
Obs! Webinars från WFA är alltid på engelska.


Amidst the hustle and buzz of livestreaming, shoppertainment and blockbuster single-day shopping sprees, what do brands need to consider to avoid becoming just another commodity to consumers?

In this second of a two-part series on Brand Building, Pablo Gomez, Chief Digital Officer and Media Lead – Insights Division, Kantar NASEAP, will:

– look at the current trends with the eCommerce landscape;
– highlight the challenges and opportunities for brands;
– talk to how Marketers might stand out from the pack.

This webinar will last 60 minutes including Q&A.


9am CET, April 1

Please note: No recording or slides of this webinar will be shared.


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