WFA-webinar: The future of in housing (content/creative)
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2020/02/19 16:00-17:30

WFA Webinar: The future of in-housing (content/creative)

Som medlem bjuds du in att ta del av webinars från vår moderorgansation WFA (World Federation of Advertisers).
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Breaking down the barriers between marketers and agencies.

The trend towards greater in-sourcing is set to continue. According to WFA research, more than 70% of members have plans for more in-sourcing marcoms activities in the future.

Unilever launched U-Studio in 2016 with the aim to increase the speed and relevancy of its digital marketing, whilst controlling cost. Together with Oliver, they built 21 U-Studios across 18 countries. These are now used by three-quarters of Unilever’s brands.

This webinar will see in-housing pioneer Simon Martin (founder/CEO Oliver) and Giles Morrison (Global VP Brand Communications Excellence & Unilever Brand) share their experience, debunk some myths and help WFA members understand the practicalities of building and running a successful in-house agency.

This webinar will last 90 minutes including Q&A.


10am EST | 4pm CET, February 19

Please note: No recording or slides of this webinar will be shared.


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