Our story

Stockholm’s first ever neon billboard lit up the city center in 1907, advertising Stomatol toothpaste. And it was Stomatol’s Head of Advertising, Bertil Andersén, who founded the Association of Swedish Advertisers, driven by the mantra “truth in advertising”. The sign is still there, and still loved, today. And so are we.

On November 15 1924 Bertil and 36 advertisers from 30 corporations met at the restaurant Gillet to figure out how they could best harness the power, profit and truth of advertising to drive their organisations forward. We continue their work today. In fact our present offices are still round the corner from the restaurant. Visit us today.


Fast forward and we are now the world’s largest professional organisation for advertisers. We represent close to 550 organizations in a network of over 5000 individuals—18 of Sweden's 20 largest advertisers are members. Our members invest 3,4 billion US dollars a year in marketing and advertising.

From the smallest to the largest businesses, from private to public organizations, from county councils to city municipalities—we protect their interests and help them make sure every penny of their investment is time and money well spent.

What we do:

The 100-watt Awards

Our 100-watt Awards honour Swedish campaigns that have lit up the market and achieved the best, quantifiable, measurable results. The Awards recognize Swedish-produced or adapted campaigns, published domestically or internationally.

Counselling and advice

We offer members crucial advice on issues such as:

  • Legal advice: Marketing and campaign laws, regulations, the interpretation of rules and ethics etc.

  • Choosing an advertising agency: Including cooperating, briefing and planning with agencies

  • Digital marketing: Advising on digital metrics, analytics and strategies

Joint industry committees

Our four expert teams each have special tasks, representing different fields such as earned, owned and paid media as well as media quality. Each team includes representatives from different sectors of trade and industry, public administrations and authorities. Our team’s working structure is efficiently organized to enable it to meet the members' demands for a dynamic and powerful association, and to make sure that the interests of our members are looked after.

Up-to-the-minute industry news and info

Our weekly members’ newsletter is packed with valuable, relevant, content—as well as invitations to seminars and upcoming events. Our social media channels, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, keep members in the loop and are updated continuously.

Negotiations and agreements

We help put pressure on suppliers, helping members negotiate trade agreements and standard-form contracts. We help set and enforce general agreements for agency cooperation, suppliers’ agreements with the printing industry, and contracts with media and media groups.

Unique networks get you connected

Members can meet like-minded peers from their own industry in one of our six professional networks.

Free seminars

We hold around 60 seminars every year for our members. Topics vary—but they always come from the advertisers’ perspective, as opposed to the ad or media agency’s point of view.


We provide customized training within marketing law, online marketing and best practises when cooperating with advertising agencies.

Advocacy and opinion making

We constantly campaign for greater freedom of action in marketing, and better conditions for our members' market communications. We actively lobby to prevent unnecessary restrictions on and legislation against advertising and marketing. We also work actively to make the positive role of  marketing and advertising better understood and respected by the public and wider organizations and authorities. We believe advertising and marketing can be a positive, dynamic force in society.


We are a member of the World Federation of Advertisers, the WFA, which monitors international advertising and media issues.


Meet and mingle with 550 other members, get inspired at our seminars, and put your questions to top industry leaders at our annual big event, AdDay, in Stockholm.

Meet the team!

Anna Eklund
Head of Finance and Human Resource

Camilla Nilsson
Project Manager

Hanna Riberdahl

Helene Karlsson

Matilda Nordfeldt
Project Manager Communication

Max Apéria
Agency Selection Advisor

Niklas Briselius
Legal Advisor

Peter Mackhé
Manager KIA-index

Tobias Eltell
Legal Advisor

Ulrika Strallhofer
Project Manager Event

The Association of Swedish Advertisers
Phone +46 8 545 252 30
e-mail: info@annons.se
Klara Östra Kyrkogata 2B SE-111 52 Stockholm, Sweden


100-wattaren rund högerpuff


We arrange the competition 100-wattaren every year to honor advertising campaigns that have generated quantifiable results. It recognizes Swedish-produced or adapted campaigns, published domestically or internationally.

Read about 100-wattaren (in swedish)


Every year we arrange our event, "AdDay", in which around 500 of our members come together in Stockholm to be inspired and educated during a full day of seminars.

Read about AdDay (in swedish)